Point Of Grace

Letra de la canción

They line the wailing wall.
The masses fill up Saint Peter's square.
Confessions, emotions spill out of desperate prayer.
I know they're not alone.
They've come to face the penitence stone.
I hear the voices of souls in need of you, cause

You are the answer,
and the meaning of life.
To hearts in darkness,
you're the source of the light.
As we walk this human road,
every question will find
you are the answer.

Across the playground yard,
another future society.
Living and learning the way it's supposed to be.
The days of truth grow dim.
Your hand must reach down and write in them.
The message of hope that can only be found in you, cause

Repeat Chorus

You shined your light in me
when I had no way.
Rescued my dying heart
that I could not save.
And not just for me, but for the world today.

Repeat Chorus

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