Amityville de Nominon




I still recall that autumn day, the sun kept the winter away
There it stood, this huge monumnet which was our dwelling to be
With the trees, the lawn and the lake nearby
Everything was perfect it wasn't for him

Why didn't you pull the trigger?
Why didn't you shoot that pig?
The voice in my head keeps asking
As the nauseating pain keeps growing

As soon as I looked into the attic window the nausea was brought upon me
A dark lair downstairs hiding something and I don't wanna know what it is
The room is filled with flies, mud and stinking filth
But there is something else trying to enter my mind

Chaos, degeneration, senseless banging on the door
The crucifix covered up, and the paintings on the wall
Dishnour thy father pigs, a message from below
The hate spreads in this house, yes come into my mind

He's here stay away from him
The ugly priest with his lies
The voice in my head keeps echoing

Look at them the pathetic animals
They'd be better off dead, don't you think so?
(Yes you think so)
The voice in my head keeps exhorting
As the nauseating pains keeps growing

But this pain gives me pleasure and invites me in and finally one night it came to me
Raped and twisted my mind and placed its embryo inside
Evil has now entered me, my acts are to humiliate god
I still don't know what entices and compels me into insanity

Time is nigh, I'm led by the one and I must fulfil his needs
(You must do it, you must do it now)

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