Rock in Next Door

Letra de la canción

There I was talking with my friends
And you came and touch my shoulder
I look around and I saw you
In front of me
I can't believe it!

Whait a minute, what I say?
He's just the boy I am in love with
No way, he is talking to me
Well my mind, is in white

Then your crazy brothers came
My friend saw them it was true love
It was so perfect, it was destiny
we were so happy together

In few minutes, we went out
We ate some ice-creams in the store next door
In one single web, I was your girlfriend
I wanted to shout it loud!

Whait a minute, what he said?
He loves me, he hughs me, this can’t be real
How this happened?, all this looked so far
He loves me, I love him, everything looks unreal

My celphone rings like at 6 am
I woke up, confused, I went to wash my face
I wanna make it come to reality
‘Couse he’s the boy that I love, yeah!
fuente: musica.com

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