The Infernal Voyage del álbum 'Terra Necrosis'

The Infernal Voyage


La canción 'The Infernal Voyage' se estrenó en 2008. Este tema está incluido dentro del disco Terra Necrosis

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Condemned souls boarding the ship at the shores of Limbo
Over the river Acheron to the final rest
Climb onboard and sail with me to an unknown beyond
This is everyones final destiny

Into misery
Into eternal pain
Through me, among the people lost forever
All hope abandons the one who enters here
9 circles of hell, down to inferno I see
Infernal spirits set free

First is where the ungodly dwell

Saw the three headed monster Cerberus
On my way through the circles down below
Saw the entrance of the city of Dis
Barred by a horde of evil spirits

Burned in open graves, boiled in blood
Sunken into the swamp

Suicides changed into shrunken trees, voices scream inside of me
The swamp of the Styx with anger fixed in the slime

Hellish hallucinations burn my eyes
Through the downward circle towards the end of this infernal voyage

Through me you pass into the city of Misery
Through me you pass into eternal pain
Through me among the people lost forever
All hope abandons the one who enters here

Red glowing desert, frothing howling dogs
Frozen into the lake, chewed by Satan himself
Purgatory awaits, here you will stay for eternal days
Not reaching paradise or heaven anyway

Finally reaching the walls of the city of Hell
... and into the flames you fell

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