Disco 'Amaral 1998-2008' (2012) al que pertenece la canción 'Te Necesito'

Te Necesito
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Oh, ohhhhh.
I want clarification as
Even if I am too young
To understand what they feel
But not to swear
The very black Angel
That if he breaks the distance
That now separates us
Volvere to worship Him
Daria him until my soul
If you bring your presence
On this night that does not end
I need you
As sunlight
In this cold winter
'Pa' give me your heat
Oh, ohhhhh ...
As you want to forget
If your name is in the air
And blows among my memories
If you are not already that free
If I did not already I
Retenerte in my memory
So is how I look
My storm of torment
Asi es como yo te quiero

Oh, Ohhh ...
I want clarification as
Oh, love Ohhh ...
As you want olvice
I need you
As sunlight
Your eyes the abyss
Where my reason dies
Oh, Ohhh ...
You need
You need
You need
You need

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