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This is the story
Of a family that fought for their honour and dignhidad
By the mischief of my father
I was nine months with the agony of my mother
She suffered by her love
So that, that, that is not love
No matter how you say beautiful words of love
So that, that, that is not love
The words fly and the wind always suffers the heart
I grew and work
That moved the two
Is linked with sadness and poverty that dejo
But God put me two paths
Put the good, the bad launched
Choose the one you want your
And fortunately the triumph came to my hands
And my mother laughed at the end because he did not lack your
And the day that came
And proud llegaste
I forgive you negotiate
You thought you were the brave
Squeezing that's me bravo
(And again I say that you silent, the silent trombone
I came to download)
(You do not think that was my sad and hard history, I did not just lack knowledge glory)
I negotiated my busi you
(But that looks to caring for your status' reputation and your dynasty find your conscience think that is empty)
I refused you refused me
(And those who gave them the name you now expect your death paraq collect your inheritance)
Is the story of my life
She fregando dish 'and earn a living
And their tears fall
And for pañale 'she was
(What you do not know that to be happy just need love not money or prestige)
I negotiated my busi you
(I do not regret what happened but no matter your tracks your way because God taught me mine)
I negotiated my busi you
(I am your child that you will forgive me and that all top njo is what I am aware)
I just herself known university
Of life that you do not wise
By my mother to come to where
And also to be where I
The real knowledge,
And the lie
And ignorance,
The idiosincracia
Perseverance with a lot of elderly
I met hunger
Hard work
Knowledge misleading travez the years
That human justice is the creator simpatia
(And everything and that, I forgive you)

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