I would like to return to that past
And although I am about this far more to you,
I would like to back the years
To reach one in which I went.

But dreams and the desire of triumph sometimes
Change the feelings of man
And selfishness becomes part of a
Until such time as man corrupts.

My dreams of glory changed my life:
Women and feasts were my routine
And swelling of good compliments my soul
And my feelings disappeared.
And all the love that I felt for you
Political little was fading,
And DIA did not know that because I did not think about yourself,
Your beautiful letters never read me forget
From everything that your amabas me.
Scorned his love only to follow
After an illusion that I decided your feelings
I no longer mattered.

(I always wanted you and never ceases to quererte
Since you are not living a life empty)

Try a thousand times to find a good love
To replace those who give me supiste
And I found there was running after the wind
Well, I attempted because it was vanity.

And I am becoming inadvertently
A man capable of making bad experience
To me the most loved and while she passed
The days without crying I think with the other going on.

And now back just sad
And defeated what I want to find a DIA leave,
But a good man of love has filled the love
And gain his wish for more punishment and the two
Have married or have family and myself that I can do:
Accept the fact that he lost and that nobody separates
What God has joined, and pay the price the error.

Sembré a betrayal and received, a thousand scorned his love
And I despised him cause pain and today I doliendo this.

I broke your heart and now I think of you.
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