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Do you know when your days are gone ?
Do you know when your dreams are over ?
Do you know when your youth has passed ?
Do you know when your love said goodbye ?

Do you know your days are the past ?
Do you know your dreams are running fast ?
Do you know your youth is the black ?
Do you know your love´s never coming back ?

Right is right - left is left
Face the night or leave the black
You will run out of the time
You will kill all mankind
Love is love - hate is hate
Turn the right or kill the truth

Do you know if your life is real ?
Do you know if your death I feel ?
Do you know if your soul is free ?
Do you know if your heart sees me ?

Do you know my time has come ?
Do you know my love has gone ?
Do you know my thoughts are weird ?
Do you know my heart is alone ?

Black is black - white is white
Are you right or are you blind
Is this the truth or just a lie ?
See the world in your eyes
You will jump into the life
You will kiss your love goodbye

Letra añadida por: gabrielcandiavela (#8.887)

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