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Youre Makin Me High - Letra

Toni Braxton

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'Youre Makin Me High' se estrenó el . Esta canción está incluida dentro del disco Secrets.


You're makin' me hightoni braxtonalbum: secretsi'll always think of you inside of my private thoughtsi can imagine you, touching my private partswith just the thought of you, i can't help but touch myselfthat's why i want you so bad, just one night of1-moonlight, with you there beside me all night, doin' it again and again you know i want you so bad, baby, baby, baby2-oo, i get so high when i'm around you baby i can touch the sky, you make my temperature rise oo baby, you're makin' me high, ooh baby, baby, babycan't get my mind off you i think i might be obsessed the very thought of you makes me want to get undressedi want to be with you in spite of what my heart saysi guess i want you too bad, all i want is(repeat 1, 2)i wanna feel your heart and soul inside of melet's make a deal, you roll, i lickand we can go flying into ecstasy, darling you and melight my fire, blow my flametake me, take me, take me awayand all i really want is(rpt 1, 2 and fade)sources

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