Canción 'Dammit, I Changed again' del disco 'Conspiracy of One' interpretada por The Offspring

Dammit, I Changed again Letra y Canción

The Offspring

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DAMMIT, I CHANGED AGAIN es una canción de The Offspring del año 2000, este tema está incluido dentro del disco Conspiracy of One.


'Dammit, I Changed again'

Hey, come inside
While I stand here acting bold
Can't stand to feel this way
Clear out the cobwebs in my soul

This time I turn around
And things have changed
Now I don't feel the same

Start a fight
I can't defend
One more time
Dammit, I changed again

Now I don't see
Things the way I did before
Can't stand to feel this way
Things important yesterday
Don't matter anymore
It doesn't make any sense
To feel so different day to day
(Can't stand to feel this way)
When nothing's changed except for me