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[chorus: lady of rage & rbx]
no one, can save the day like batman
robin, will make you sway like that and
beat for beat, rhyme for rhyme
deep in gotham, fightin crime
no one, can save the day like batman
commissioner x here!
batman & robin, we have a bit of a problem
there's trouble brewing in gotham city
you must act fast!
[lady of rage] + (snoop)
holy mackeral batman! i think these clowns need to back down
let's be the gap band and drop the bomb on 'em and make 'em scat man
(when you say scat man, like the brother called brother) uh-huh
(when it's on, it's cold, so bring the coroner cover)
we can take it to the bassment, live with tigger
go get the riddler, to watch me play that nigga like a fiddler
on a hot tin roof, i got them watchin who?
she who spits it like she was sippin rot-ten brew, ooh
(we marvel at you comics, you ain't no superhero)
you just a stupid zero, you ain't hard like deniro
[snoop dogg] + (rage)
surprise! the dynamic duo
batman & robin, gats set for squabbin (nigga!)
splat! hit 'em like forty-five shells (nigga!)
plat! means more than one million sales
that's nuff shot to lick, you get done up
plus we got the bat gats, so why would you run up?
"batman! batman! batman."
{*scratched: "and you're about to find out"*}
{*scratched: "and you're about to find out"*}
[lady of rage]
yeah, when it's beef in gotham city i, gots to flip and
hit 'em with the pow! bam! biff! whoa
pick up your lips, don't trip, tie your shoelace
when i spit, i split it, turn harvey dent into two-face
robin, i'm more than a sidekick, i'm more like the livest
they wanna go head up and collide
and like collision, hope your moms made provisions
see you ain't got no wins baby, not even a smidgen
mad hostility dealt, now i'ma really be felt
switch on my utility belt, make yo' facility melt
i go mad on yo' hatter, watch yo' whole shit splatter
get, wicked on yo' case like detective van adder
so the, sayin goes, if you snooze you lose
trust you do, me and batman the dynamic two!
[snoop dogg]
cold day in gotham in the bat cave chillin
catnip for catwoman so she caught the feeling
huh, talk about flavor for a pringle
a favor for a favor maybe later we can mingle
damn, just then, the bat phone ringin
they hoo-bangin' in gotham, i got to do my thing
batman! war is on the brink
it seems that the penguin is causing a stink
call up robin quick, you know what to do
add dye to the water and splash the town blue
[snoop dogg]
shit i'm there in a flash, batmobile on 3's
trust me buddy, got heat for mr. freeze
and clayface will catch the em-brace
of napalm when i drop my bat bomb
.. and don't you forget it
takin out you suckers and you don't know how i did it
no one, can save the day like batman
robin, will make you sway like that and
beat for beat, rhyme for rhyme
deep in gotham, fightin crime
no one, can save the day like batman
robin, will make you sway like that and
beat for beat, rhyme for rhyme
deep in gotham, fightin crime
[lady of rage]
dirty dinkins batman!
did you see those crispy khaki creases on that rugged wretched..
[snoop dogg]
aiy-yo-yo-yo kick back robin
get alfred and tell him to have barbecued buffalo wings
and a pitcher of kool-aid on chill
it's about to get real in the field
[lady of rage]
leapin lo-lo's! over there batman! that's a no-no!
let's hop out this fo'-do'!
[snoop dogg]
yea yea yea, systems engaged
start the bat engine, hit the bat switches
you ready robin? let's dip
[lady of rage]
let's, dip! holy hoodrat sally smokin crack in the alley
let's, dip! i mean, crazy kinfolk in kingsville batman!
we must, we must batman, listen to me
holy leapin lizards and gizzards and all that shit that come with it
and potatoes on top with gravy in the middle
god damnit batman! {*echoes*}
"da-da-da-da-da-da-da-da-da-da--da-da-dah - batman!!"


Batman And Robin
Snoop Dogg   
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