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Mi Reina



Thats right


Baby im your gangster

(background Music & Vocals)

Reina de mi vida
I love you with my heart
Ever since the first day
Back from the very start, that we met
Your so lovely
I had to make you mine
Your breathtaking like an angel
You had me hypnotized
Me recuerdo, todos los tiempos
The times we spent together
Nuestro amor sincero
I promise you my angel
Ill be right by your side
Me and you por vida
A love that never dies
I vow on my knees
To always prove my love
Heres a ring with a diamond
Lets unite as one
You know that i miss you girl (thats right)
You have my heart hasta que yo muera
From now until i die
Baby girl cause i love you always and forever
Espera mija, dame tu mano
Dont be sad your not alone
I love till death ill protect you with my soul
I'm your gangster
For you I will kill
Cementerios I will fill with the hollow chrome or steel

Letra añadida por: INTARMOL

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