Canción 'Borracho Y Loco' interpretada por Enanitos Verdes

Borracho Y Loco
en inglés

Enanitos Verdes

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BORRACHO Y LOCO es una canción de Enanitos Verdes del año 1994.

Borracho Y Loco (en inglés)

I want to shake,
I insitan screaming,
They are like a rock,
Words do not touch me,
Inside there is a volcano,
That will soon explode,
I want to be quiet,
It is my situation,
A desolation,
I am like a cry,
I regret volibiano,
That started a day,
And it will not end,
And nothing hurts me ...
Uoo, ioio uo uoooo eeee iee
Chorous -
And I am here,
Drunk and crazy,
And my heart idiot,
Always shine,
And I love you,
Te Amare forever,
Nena you combs in bed,
That travelers are atrazar ...
Uooo oiooouoo ieeee eeieeee
(Chorous) x 2

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