Falling behind



Living in a hole, it's hard to get for what you asked
The hardest part of having a good day is making it last
Seems that everywhere I turn I'm still a step behind
I'm going nowhere slow and I think I'm losing my mind

Growing older, every day is not a simple task
It's even harder when your happiness is your most worn mask
Striving harder to evolve and keep up with the rest
The apathetic push you down and make you second best

I look to you to get me up again
The hardest part is admitting that I need a second hand
If only I was meant to work with my ears and hands
What's coming down will be beneath me
(End Chorus)

It isn't easy living up to everyone you see
But being human we're so stupid, won't let it be
The pressure rises as we struggle here on our own
To the point where you're only happy when you're all alone


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