True Reflections...A New Beginning - Love Is

Love Is Letra

Jah Cure


Love Is (Letra/Lyrics)

Yeah ya no, rasta live
Universal sign of love
Love is the answer my friend
And love is the only way
Yeah true love you can find yourself
And call a true identities
Love ya brother love your sister
Love one another the universal sign
I'll take it from here.

Love is, much more to life than just words
Love means, much more than to say you love
Love is, call on me brother
Love is, call on me sister.

[Verse 1]
When you love someone, love from the heart
Cause love is the start yeah
Love is the answer for every question
Just ask your self why, why
Love is the key to open the door
When they close in your face
Love shows you the way
When u are lost, lost
And cant find your way.


[Verse 2]
Love is the only thing we have to share
Don't you forget that I hope you hear
Sending my message to you out there
I hope you get it clear, yeah
Do not mistake my
And mistake every sound
Whenever you see my face
Always a smile
Counteracts a frown.


Datos de esta canción

LOVE IS es una canción de Jah Cure, este tema está incluido dentro del disco True Reflections...A New Beginning. Agradecemos a Gabbi_256 por haber sudido la letra de Love Is.