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I dont belong here(x2)

Screw me up,
You´re the one who understands
Pin me down now
With your lance, baby
Show me how
You would like it the most
Enjoy it baby,
´cause you´re the one
You´re the one

Touch me now,
I am waiting for you love
Show me heaven
With your stuff, darling
Taste my skin
When you´re turning me around
Do it baby, i feel so hot,
Do it the whole night

If you feel the same like i do
If you understand like i do

I dont belong here(x2)

Let me know,
When you want to spin once more
It´s so easy
To be a whore – i hate it
Help me out,
What an impassive lustful world
Are you all dead
Or is it me


You don´t understand me
You don´t understand me
You don´t understand

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