Dr. Bombay

Letra de la canción

One day when i got hungry
I sold the wooden house
I had to visit uncle gundij
Who lives in calcutta-town
Uncle gundij he is rich
He's a taxidriverman
And i know that he will
Help me as much as he can
A taxidriverman is what
I want to be
But there are no customers
Who want to ride with me
I don't know why it could be
That i'm almost blind
But every street in
Calcutta i can find
Calcutta - i am a taxi driver in
Calcutta - i drive my little taxi in
Calcutta - taxi, taxi, taxi in
Calcutta - i am a taxidriverman
I love to drive the taxi
I like it very much
Even though i have no license
I always find the clutch
I can drive without my hands
I can drive without my feet
And i have no problem
Keeping taxi on the street


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