Minami Kuribayashi

Namida no Riyuu en inglés

Minami Kuribayashi


The pain is in my heart,
It seems more a lie,
I am not able to eliminate depresses
To think that you will not be at my side.

If I'm with you
There is darkness
That might frighten or get sad
Now not stop wondering
What went wrong?
From my heart to let go ..

I started to like,
Without being able to avoid,
I started to like,
This will be my reality.
Guardare this remembrance
For eternity, I love you and yours
Would my tears ...

My pain began to grow
I fear that it could not stop
That in my memory is taxed,
From the day that those in my dreams.

If only you could, until
My return, regardless of
When the cloudy sky this today.

I understand that nobody
"will be out of my solitude"
I resigned, to stay trapped here

Chorus (x2)

The love that exists for
We can love,
The blue sky shows
"purity and love"
My memories are falling as
Snow and give a signal that
"I have a heart,"
And my strength
Van ceasing to exist…

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