Don Omar

Canción De Amor
en inglés

Don Omar


Canción De Amor (en inglés)

This is an issue that was born in the orphanage
and that led to believe, an unbeliever heart
we think that after being hurt
love never volveria
Today I thank you for the time
a kiss (The King).

Today note
an instinct, something different, in that I set
that look and that smile
that gave me away.

Let me tell you a thousand things we are doing
you've noticed, I know.
I do not know if I'm not mistaken You get angry with me
I think you and your taste to Me too
Just remember the college, years of child
next to your side'm the guy that ...
/ / you saw grow .....//
and make women ..
you saw grow .... and become a woman.

You Danies
Shi may Boyens
his King and I, you know
the orphanage.

Maybe I am very quiet and you never talked eh
and feel that it no longer endure more
As it is not you realize that the only verte
q I'm so strong start to tremble
I am tired of writing letters and putting them on your door
never knew who was I dared not to sign
That querias to do more, if I Pedi moon
Moon gave you anything more for you.

/ / / For you .......
love this song / / /

Meyer, Mambo
another adventure

/ / / For you .......
love this song / / /

The love this location
you will see where it seeks
I t look everywhere
t already found and now I will not lose t

The king
The orphanage
Us if we make music

For you ...
this song of love

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