Desert Island


Letra de la canción

So much [unmatched?] noise.
I wanna spend my life at the beach.
I’m getting tired of daily shouting.
City is so [… to me?]
I wanna a desert island,
you [really love?] the city.
(I’ll put) a message in a bottle,
that’s all you’ll hear from me.
It’s a time to lose your nerve,
get my head strange.
If a don’t leave this city,
I think I’m going insane.
Repeat chorus
Desert island, oh, in the sand.
Desert island, oh, in the heat.
I want some real sunshine.
Couldn’t see I’m crying out.
Break the wall as you [… down?]
and listen to my […]
Repeat chorus
Desert island, in the sand.
Desert island, in the heat.
In the sand, in the light.

Letra añadida por: Aeris Gainsborough

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