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You Letra

Sherwin Gardner

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YOU es una canción de Sherwin Gardner.

Letra 'You'

uh see from adunno, we live inna di last days, di intellectual god know,
Seh revelation unfold .
U noe a Jesus can walk pon di streets ago, (ohh yeahhhha yeah ho)
yehh what mi seh .. fi di whole a dem I man pray
Listen What mi seh yagga yow !!

God ah come in any minute anytime now
so where are you gonna hide? where are you ah go run now??
, beta seek a di father trhough di song now,
youth man just go bow(yaga yoo) ,
look around all man dem dying,
while in Babylon dem just lying,
But wat yuh gonna do when he come back ,
God he leads yuh
man he lives Jesus Christ , what will he do,so what yuh gonna do?
don’t take di mark of di beast mark of di beast yo yo!!
Pray and balling fi peace
what are yuh gonna do my friend now, so what are you gonna do my friend now, what you gonna do
when Jesus comes back again and he lives(yaga yo yeah ay ay)

long time mi ah tell dem wakeup
long time mi ah tell dem shake up.
Nuff ah dem move so corrupt ,
but the clock keep di ticky way tick tok,
anytime now Thought the clock it couda stop.
I want to now where yuh will end up,
u don’t, u don’t have jesus
inna hell fire it a deh yuh ah go drown..yu yu yu yo so wat yuh gonn doo)…

you you you you!!!
seh what yuh gonna do do dodo
when God lives.. and when he leads yuh
man he leads you.. youuuuuuuuuuuu
yagga yo yagga yeh!! yeh what mi seh
hey for di ghetto youths di pray
cau dey dont stray..
ohhh ahhhh

I asked the father why? whyyy??
So much of our generations die... dieee..
it brings tears to my eyes, tears to my eyes, yaga yo
but Then I hear the father say...
I give yuh my words to obey ,
yuh need Jesus in your life,
your liiiife oh my friends seek CHRIST,
for he comes back now
and he leads you
and he leads
intellectual God now ………….anyone dem.. ye yeh

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