Marc Anthony

Volando Entre Tus Brazos en inglés

Marc Anthony

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..Flying Between Your Arms..


Forgive me if i cut yours wings
I hold you in my life like tied to my soul
And your world is my skin that burn or calm you

Forgive me if I love you that way
Owner of my soul and my fairy ‘stories
I´m loving you more than yourself
If live for you, i must confess
That i got no other way to Love
Another way to see / this is my only Truth


I got so fear to lose you
Of been with you and don´t deserve you
And I got so fear / so fear
That I can’t sleep
I can’t belive
That i´m in love / hypnotize
And isn’t Lie

I´m in love, i´m in love, in love
I´m in love
Hypnotize, Flying between your arms
I´m flying between your arms
In love

Forgive me if i’ve hurt you
If my way to love doesn’t have sense
I don´t got nothing more to give you
That i didn’t give you before
And what can i tell you to fix it?
If i don´t got another way to see it
Another way to see you
This is my only truth