Girl On The Moon del álbum '4 '

Girl On The Moon


La canción 'Girl On The Moon' se estrenó en 1981. Este tema está incluido dentro del disco 4


It's night, again
Time for my mind to go wandering
Off on a journey, through space and time
In search of a face I can never find
So I close my eyes and look inside

I can't forget
The night that I saw her we never met
She felt so close to me as I reached for her hand
She drifted away like the desert sand
It was her and she was gone

I wish she'd come back tonight
Like a star shining bright
I don't know where she's from

She's like a girl on the moon
A girl on the moon
She's like a girl on the moon
A girl on the moon

Yes it's night, once again
And that same old feeling is setting in
It all seems so familiar but I hope this time
That the girl on the moon will soon be mine
All mine, tonight

Am I asking too much
Should I leave my dream untouched
Should I even know where she's from

My, girl on the moon
She's my girl on the moon
Girl on the moon
My girl on the moon
(Girl on the moon)
(My girl on the moon)
(Girl on the moon)
(Girl on the moon)
(Girl on the moon)
(Fille sur la lune)
(Girl on the moon)
(Fille sur la lune)

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