By Your Side - One Vision

By Your Side

One Vision

Letra, canción


'By Your Side'

I will always be baby by your side
I would never leave
Till the water runs dry
Cuz i need you so bad
Best i'd ever had
And i would give you everything, for you anything
Give you my heart

Look into my eyes and there girl
You will find that i've got nuthin to hide
Cuz i put my pride aside now
And here's a key to my heart
And if you open it up i will give you my
Much love so much of my love oh baby

More than any man can give you girl
Im here to serve you and i would do
Anything all you gotta do is call out my name


All i wanna do girl when im with you
Is hold you oh so tight the feeling
Just so right its funny how it goes
Cuz you never never never know
What the future might bring
Its never what it seems

And you mean so much to me
And i just wanna make you seem
That i'd do anything just simply
Call out my name


Girl when the feelings right
It makes no sense to fight it
You've got to trust to know
To let it lead the way
More than you know i love you
Girl i would never wrong you
So please believe me when
I say(when i say) i'll be there

Chorus til fade

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By Your Side



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