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and i wont sit back and watch anymore
while all the fallacies and lies become to much to handle.
your on a train that's heading off its tracks.
back up, sit back, and watch the flames dance.

through the times that we were friends,
truth has been skin deep like glass in the wounds.
one and the same.
so save that precious breath
before you shatter like the rest.

i'll watch you choke on this,
watch you choke on all the promises.
after all the hallowed words you spoke
many are blind to see the reality of what is happening.
i'll watch you choke.
before it has a chance to be fed to someone else.
i'll watch you choke.
take a deep breath, it will be your last.
burn me.

from here on out our lives reflect the shattered glass.
just another painful reminder of a distant hateful past.
fly away with the fire.
so shut your mouth, look in the mirror,
and bite your forked tongue
before the ink begins to dry.
after all the trials we have fought amongst ourselves.
the time has come to sit back
and watch you fall.