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Letra de la canción

How can it be, we're with you now
You've made our dreams come true.
You've helped us put us here
For that we are so sinciere

By the love that we'll have, sent for you
That moment we came on stage Some how we always knew,
That we've been waiting for you.

Tell me why, does it feel so incredible
Where the light, shine on me, it's so beautiful
We've been searching for all of our lives
For the love that you are, flow by
And you're all that we need, you're incredible
You're incredible

Look at our fans, screaming that like,
look what you've given us
The life that is now complete
For what this is such a treat

Day and day out, singing for you
The moment we came on stage
and we'd only heard of love
till' you showed us what it was


Don't be scared to follow your dreams to come true.
Listen to your heart and you'll get through


You're Incredible x3

You're Incredible
oh oh

Letra añadida por: !!Antonella!!

Clique Girlz

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