Big L

Pudiste haber tenido todo
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Big L


Pudiste haber tenido todo (en inglés)

Hey, and you know we could have had it all
But I do not worry
Whatever I'm still here.

Love love dealer smuggling
My love is very big, as big as elephant
And you under the stars but I'm not Walter
You're my freak and I am your singer
You are the diamond that illuminates my life
You are my hope the exit door
You're that way but because either way
You left me alone miss you a jet
And as the chorus says it changed me for gold
By that love is blind, love has no eyes
And your eyes are red and can lllorarme a river
You could have it all but you played with me.

Could have everything that is true
But I always have to leave something else
Damn damn lie falsehood
Damn fuc*** love that blinds you nothing
If we were felizes at least I thought it was well
I was all for you that you were everything to me
Account I noticed that it was not
And I apologize to blame for the two
I for you by fuc*** bastard
Me Vale Madre you do not care about you
Do not ever fetch me and you the short
And I hope and no offense to what I have written to you
But not inspire me to write nice.

Look I was that dude ...
You had to Italian restauranes
And you ordenabas one moscato
I was as a goddess
I told my friends "is tricky"
Woman everybody and nobody
Now swear by golly you changed
Look how fuc*** funny
Chinga your mother fuc*** old slippery
But now I bring other
Most chulita buenota and is not jealous
Now I live well from those
And I saved pa 'buy the stars.

Hey there and stayed and hope you find
Another day to treat you like me.

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