Fusion Of Sense And Earth


Letra de la canción

Cosmos trembled
When it came to be
Fusion of sense and earth

In awe they looked
Those who feared the dark
At the enemy of hate

All menaces vanished
Conquered by will to live
Marched towards the shores

A war against the abnormal
The obstacles of peace
Victory for the light

"Wisdom and Chaos must unite
The Storm Will Linger On"

When fighting blindfolded
Every beast was possible to slay
No fortress guarded

When the serpents
Spat at the surface of the earth
It howled and laughed

Armoured with good will
Certain of victory
It fell to the ground

"Wisdom and Chaos must unite
The Storm Will Linger On"
fuente: musica.com

Letra añadida por: blackheaven (#5.403)

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