Before And After


Letra de la canción

Love won't see my coming
On a Sunday noon today
Still don't believe we're fading
But now the world should wait

And now you're finally listening
To what I have to say
Well, the time is right
And it is today

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

Maybe we could talk about it
And try to get it straight
After all these years, baby,
Maybe it's too late

But I really need to
Have you by my side
And that's the only feeling
Baby, I can't hide

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

Well you aren't listening
I ain't talking
We ain't getting nowhere

I keep trying to get
Through to you baby
All you do is stare

I don't want to see that
I need you by my side
Well, I don't want to be your lover
Babe, I want to be your man

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

Well, now my story's over, baby
And I ain't gonna tell it twice
Well, you better start listening
Or get out of my life

Or you're gonna be left out
I said left out in the cold
Yeah, before you get my loving, babe
You'll be too old

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

Well, I'm talking to you baby
Well, I said
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

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