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(feat. Busta Rhymes)

[Intro: Madd Rapper/Busta Rhymes]
[Madd Rapper:] Oh shit
What da f*** yo
[Busta Rhymes:] Yeah yeah
[Madd Rapper:] Anotha colabo
Busta Rhymes
[Busta Rhymes:] Flipmode Crazy Cat Catalogue muthafuckers, ayight
[Madd Rapper:]For the street niggaz
Word up Brooklyn
[Busta Rhymes:] Uh huh
[Madd Rapper:]Rhyme specialist
Word up, watcha back
[Busta Rhymes:] Word bond

[Verse 1: Madd Rapper/Busta Rhymes]
[Busta Rhymes:] Yo yo, f*** it my niggaz, You know we gon ill
Fagot niggaz need to be quiet, and let da God build
[Madd Rapper:] Ay yo, word, peace of the God, you know shit is real
Still wonderin' how it feel, to hold a half-a-mil
Dey fuc*** wit a weak lawyer, and signed a wacked deal
[Busta Rhymes:] Type of shit that'll have you walk wit da illest ice grill
Masquerade and sherade of robberies, niggaz stand still
[Madd Rapper:] We take nickles, pennies, dimes, quarters, and dollar bills
Better run for the hills, and bounce wit da cat skillz
My whole team feel, wit cats its no frills
[Busta Rhymes:] Da type to wet niggaz, whenever dey mack spill
Rehearse robbin' niggaz, like dey rehearsin' a fire drill
Randomly run up on niggaz, at dey free will
[Madd Rapper:] We strip down niggaz, and spend doe for cheap thrills
[Busta Rhymes:] A couple of broke strippers, hustlin' birth control pills
We send dem broke bitches, to boothes on Roosevelt Field

[Hook: Madd Rapper/Busta Rhymes(Together)]
Live ni*** standin' right there, yeah
My live bitches standin' right there
And if ya ridin' in ya truck and ya don't giva a f***
Turn it up to ten until ya'll niggaz can't hear, yeah
Live ni*** standin' right there, yeah
My live bitches standin' right there
And if you ever in da front and ya smokin' a blunt
And you don't give a f*** blow ya smoke up in da air

[Verse 2: Madd Rapper]
In case you forgot, Ima six floor ni***
A corner store, dollar and a dream, a big four ni***
I spit raw ni***, Don't know nuttin'
All I Know is I want ya doe, and hoes be frontin'
Word, a forty-five certified rap phenomenon,
After da gold and platinum
Hated on me first, I'm mad at dem
So I Gotcha when dey sleep, and I squeeze my gat on dem
Flaten' Dem, Live at da Garden I'm packin' dem
D-Dot beats, I'm trackin' Dem, Attackin' dem
Namin' Names on records, gettin' back at dem
Closet ass homo niggaz actin' masculine
Pack a gun, Just in case too many of you Run up in my face
Wit all dat bass, act like yall can't get scraped
Straight erase, and take yo place
Mutha fuckaz


[Verse 3: Busta Rhymes]
Check it out, this goes out to all my niggaz, I'm givin' you a shout
Try and figure this out, word up
I'm talkin' to all my live muthafuckaz who stay
fuckin' chicken head crews, and bonafied dick suckaz
Niggaz rollin' wild wips wit a great stash for
Da boomin' system, burnin' like a portable sound clash
F*** meaty bone bitches, who stocked wit a round ass
Livin' on a cell phone and gettin' hed in an E-Class
Please pass the L, why you cradlin' shit
Type of niggaz to swindle you for yours ????? shit
A dis ain't a game ni***
We damage yo frame niggaz
Yo I could give a f*** everyday robbin' da same ni***
Bark on da same ni***, make you know how to act
And blast a low budget on even a high calibur cat
Word to my mother Sometimes I think Its kinda funny
How I stay stackin' whether its mines or another niggaz money