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let us forget...

in this life everything can happen
at any moment everything can change
asique Forget it, (only Forget) Forget it. (July)
things happen you can not stop
everything has written his destiny behind
asique Forget it. Forget it...

All fall, we all dream,
all we went through with pain and effort we got up
we all know how fast q tour destination
life begins with the game divine finite
history repeats itself in every face
revalsa anguish of your eyes
leaves aside the fury leaves aside the anger
do not forget that your sword is worth more than the back
what you crave
the real enemies are fear and injustice
those tied to the neck hoping that someone kicked the chair
the silhouette of Jesus marked on the asphalt with chalk
what happens when you actually humiliates
and there is a feeling that the child suffers, falls
needs someone to talk him as explaining
that although their parents are not still loving it
that everything changes and everything will continue to change


which is my date of expiry
importal'm in this song as my nation
I wake up tied hands
feels that everything I do and say is in vain
there are evil people you strip down pa
but I still paddling in this sea of villains
if I'm high, spirit my name
if your wings and fly free, with what you feel, what you type
the 9000 Apollo is charged in bed next to my pillow
I will defend my family from your threats
I will fight to death
so that my children can live free
I do not want to see me shouting out
I do not want to see me beaten and thrown Grogan
I want to be proud of my son that what we most love
and that whatever happens will be on your side


guachos still some cuetionando my talent
because my surname
because they do not deserve
I say once more that I am the chupen
and those who are being swallowed and those who spit
and I do not care what they say
is who I am and what I do
anyone who doubts that the goal in ohu!
once more what you show on stage
I cannot on the missionary mercenaries
I want to rap and sing
playing guitar and jumping
and the culito steam once more
my only time I do not think back
asique not ask more and pasenme the yerba
the future opened its doors
revovinen put their heads and pause camara lenta
who are fed with music will be encouraged


lifted his fists in the air
in honor of the fallen
in the war of life and street
to honor those who calleron
in the hands of oppressors, dictators
in honor of those unjustly deprived of their liberty
in honor of life
buenos aires, argentina, Villa Urquiza
** My family
came the Dante pelagato
ponete batteries Guacho
fuente: musica.com

Letra añadida por: samur

Dante Spinetta
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