Letra de la canción

Just come away with me
So I can make you see
That all that I can be is
Good for your heart

If we could get away
And find a time to play
And be together
It's good for your heat

Lay your head down here
Release all your fears
I just wanna know
The things you dream of

You've been left alone
With a heart of stone
Let me show you
How it feels to be loved

Loving you tenderly
Showing you I will be
Good for you heart
In every way yeah yeah

Wherever we go
You just need to know
All you fantasies I will make real

A sweet rendezvous
Just me and you
This sweet love affair
Just for two



[Adlib: x2]

I'll be
I'll be good
Forever you'll see
Good for your heart



[Pan solo]

Come away with me
adlib: I will make you see
Good for your heart
Good for your heart

We could get away
Find the time to play
Good for your heart
Good for your heart


[Adlib: x2]

Letra añadida por: Hector(Hip Hop) (#460)

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