(feat. Monk, Wu-Syndicate)

Yo, yo, yo, yo

Project unknown, patrol the death zone, pushin' cyclones
Platoon python, Tyson, dead right arm
Live wire ignite, amidst the crossfire
Fatigue attire, murder scene, Alien Flyers
We midtown, rubber grip pounds, have a sit down
Hate to spit rounds, have the pigs bring the bloodhounds
M.M.O., say it orderly wit authority
Triggnomm, Joe Mafia, Myalansky

Stalkin' cap, down low, not out at 20 seconds
Let the pounds blow, shit that go down for dough
Get jake on the boom horn, negotiatin' ten mill'
Hold the hostages late, helicopter surroundin' the place
Bring the cash in the suitcase, make sure he's unarmed
If he's not, he'll turn us out like Solomon Monk

[Joe Mafia]
Hold my spit blubonic, fresh head trauma
Dance wit Mafia, who want sagas in this Metropolis?
Who stoppin' me, two g, my team need God degree
Crossbow arson, thirty thirty's choppin' hot whips
Ride dirty, was all mosaic, it's poverty penny
We comin' through wit the heavyweight generators
That lace the ice gate, figure eighters
Ice Grillz pose the cheap thrill at the Ponderossa
So flame throw the toaster

Get suitcase money on you crash dummies
My comrades hungry, project cats who rock rags bummy
Son was stupid cuz he flashed where it ain't sunny
Crooks rock screw-face, snatch suitcase money

Yo, they featuring the Knights, thug niggas love the spotlight
We rock mics wit M.M.O., Wu-Syndicate raps is street tight
Wit heavy street slang, Compton niggas lust to gang bang
We ride or die the Cali way, f*** a D.K.
I rock the anchor wit banana clips, bitch niggas flip
When the gat's all in they shit, point blank range
They feel an impact, the deep impact
Shit, f***.. feel the impact

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Letra añadida por:
Hector(Hip Hop)

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