Behind The Mirror Letra y Canción

Angel Dust

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BEHIND THE MIRROR es una canción de Angel Dust.


'Behind The Mirror'

Visions, I'm not awake, nor do I sleep
Dreamin' dawn turns to dusk
Dwarves and fairies dance on my grave
There's a door to - wonderland

Fires, see fires darken the night
Brightness, dark brightness
Trapped in a hot air balloon

I can't believe it
But I believe it's true

There's a shark
Climbing through' my heart

Stars shine when the moon heat
Cools my thoughts
The still of the night is so noisy

All faked or true
Tell me, what I will see
Is there a new world
To be found, behind the mirror

Wake up, open me eyes
Light a cigarette and smoke
Smell the taste of coffee
Am I back to wonderland?