Bella Morte

Letra de la canción

I cant breathe this air
I am lost within myself
I felt the chill of doubt
And nothings ever been the same
With just one last wish
This time will not ever fade
With just one last wish
My life matters once again

I am letting go
My grip loosens by the day
In my solitude
My eyes open for the fall
I wont mourn this life
Just those that Ive left behind
I wont mourn this life
As I cross the final line

I am on the edge
Waiting for this night to end
I am on the edge again

Something breaks inside of me
Something wicked, rise
Screams lift into the air louder still
Purge the demons from my mind
I try to hold this time
As my memories fade away
Im on the verge if destruction
As reason falls under I am on the edge
fuente: musica.com

Letra añadida por: Night_Angel_101

Bella Morte
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