Mist And Stone del álbum 'Where Shadows Lie'

Mist And Stone

Bella Morte

La canción 'Mist And Stone' se estrenó en 1999. Este tema está incluido dentro del disco Where Shadows Lie

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There was a twilight in your eyes
Long before the end
When the shadows fell
Becoming one with night
Faith then followed you
Deep into the earth
To dream as
Dead men do
Of candles, mist and stone
To the timeless years windows open wide
The reigning silence dies as angels sing tonight

There was no laughter in your smile
When we first embraced
As sorrows I've not known
Danced and swayed with grace
Follow me, my love
Into the coldest worlds
And be as we once were
If only 'til the day

And your eyes spoke of devotion
As I took your hand
For this age you'll wait forever
Though I shall be there
My spirit walks with you, my love

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