Costa Nikka

I'm coming out of my wishing well
Where only echoes lonely hear my prayers
I'm coming around to bending
Cause my resistance's been far too persistent
I've come too far to force it
So i'll watch it slide and land
I could come on strong and willful but
I'd rather watch it fall to the palm of my hand

And when i
Set it free
Like a feather
It will be
And when i rise
To see it done
Like whatever
It will be
It will be

I'm taking a breather baby
From sitting on pins waiting for my sky to fall
I'm taking up giving in
So here's the wheel, i'm putting my feet up
Take another look at me baby
Today i'm taking on catastrophe
I'd rather take it easy
Than try to force what's on its way to me


We're only afraid if we pull back the blinds too far
The light behind that we free will blind other stars
But the truth doesn't blind it helps to see far
So get ready to be
Who you are


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