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Brake Fluid

Snoop Dogg


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I got bitches all in my game
Don’t even know my name(bitch pump yo’ brakes)
Can talk all day behind my back
But wont say shit in my face(bitch pump yo’ brakes)
You hoes
You are the one
You are the one
You are the one
You are the one
You are the one
Hoooooooooooo(sexy sexy sexy sexy sexy)
You are the one
You are the one
You are the one
You are the one
You are the one
Hoooooooooooo(sexy sexy sexy sexy sexy)
Carla, darla, charlene and camil
Tarika and erika, they love ta take care of a,
Real motha fucka from that dpg
Kisha, marisha, tammy and ralisha,
I appreciate da way y’all skate
When da clock hit eight, now april and kate,
Y’all be doin too much, runnin ya mouth,
Fuckin shit up, ya gotta get up
‘cuz i’ve had enough, getting sick and tired of the
Same stuff
Told camil, and she told carla, and she told april,
And now they all know but i could give a f*** cuz
Y’all my hoes, so,
All that confrontin a real nigga on site,
Today is today, last night was last night,
As i leave i put my hand on my balls
I had to really check these bitches and tell ‘em like
This and all
Nina do dis, and tina do dat,
Sabrina, sakina, man them all my hoodrats,
Back in the day when i was on the block,
At an early age man, i was on the top
Non-stop i beat it up and tell a sista get ghost
(do you like hot butta on your breakfast toast?)
Hollerin out, poppin a colla out, and talking shit on
The phone
When i was at my baby’s mama’s house
Look here bitch do you know who da f*** i am?
You better read yo’ mothafuc*** fresh tellagram
You remind me of dis bitch dat used to work for me
Had to cut the bitch loose cuz she tried to get to
Close to me
And tried to confront me at a club one night, when i
Was fuc*** wit her friend, fake bitch, is dat right?
But you know i had to stop and i paused,
And put my hand on my balls
And said check this out doll
I got my own spot and i got my own key
So cant no bitch talk shit to me
Like kiki did me,
Bitch changed the locks
And kicked me up out her spot
I learned a lesson, i wasn’t guessin or stressing
I got another bitch and she worked at the convalescent
She said she needed a companion
Shit i needed a chaperone plus a new home
Snap crack a dawn
But in no time at all sayin she fell in love
But i wasn’t ready for dat, tom cat had to scat
I hit her friend from the back, while she was at work
I was jerkin that skirt, and fuc*** wit all her
Friends that were flirts,
And when she found out she told me that that shit
A week later she fuc*** my home boy kirk
Bitch you aint shit but dirt
(chorus x2)

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