Paths of Possession

Letra de la canción

Blood slowly fills the sky
As the angels start to burn
Heavens awakening shackled still to his hand

Rip at the womb to flush out the child
Of the unfaithful whore
Laying in waste for a derelict world
Legs spread wide for the times

Raping wounds for unholy release
To impregnate our seed
I can feel you twitching inside
Our king shall be born

Warm winds carry me over forgotten spires
Through the shrines of pestilence
To the ones prepared for war

Our king

Now we watch the birth of silent red rage
Slowly we fall to our knees
He walks past and speaks to me
Rise now and sentence the son

Then kill the Christian clowns
Reclaim me now
Our world suffocated by the wings of light
The angels are rising can you smell the stench of fear

We have waited so long
From the edges of time
A disease in his mind

All will burn

Letra añadida por: Inferno666 (#30.565)

Paths of Possession
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