Dina Carroll

Letra de la canción

So here i am
Baby close the door
'cos what i've got to say
Won't take all night long
You have got to know
It was no more than a kiss
That tempted me from your arms
It was feelings of neglect
Led to feelings of regret
That tore this love apart
My love
If you're willing to forgive
You just let me know
And i won't let the world come between us
When you're ready to forget
You just tell me so
And i won't let the world come between us
No, no
So here's what i'm saying
Just give it one more try
Don't you take me for granted
And i will never, never have to lie
You have got to know
There was nothing in that kiss
That could have stolen my heart
So don't let your foolish pride
Be the one that must decide
That i can't be in your arms
My love
If only we had been talking
We would be loving
Not crying over yesterday
So, baby, don't walk away


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