Dory Previn

Ain't been a nuclear war as yet
But a nuclear accident's a constant threat
Meltdown ____ this disclosure
Thousands die from radiation exposure
Food, water, air contaminated
A multi-epidemic, diseases slated
Sperm damage, from gamma radiation
Stops some women from menstruation
Pick?? chernoble, russian town
Great explosion, big knock down??
Hundreds thousands, death and strife??
Place the wasteland out of line.
Close the bier, give a cheer
But that can't happen here, yea yea yea...

On a trip, from their zoo,
On a rocket to the blue.
Sit and pick a galaxy
Not you, not you, not you
___, aids, tb, cancer
Despite the commandment to love thy neighbour
The hiring of itinerant or migrant labour is common practice at some nuclear plants. part-timers work the dangerous areas earning high risk pay. till they get a legal maximum dose, then they're let go to another plant, to do the same part-time task, and no questions asked.
They'll have anemia, touch o' leukemia
How'll you come to grips
With what you're fated - contaminated
Please don't kiss me on the lips!
That way the full-timers health will keep: his health is worth saving, his neighbour's life is cheap. they're recruited in colleges, in bars, on the street; those in charge call them fresh bodies, fresh meat. if you think by and large that's no reason to act, please pause, to consider the frightening fact: those part-time itinerants, those carriers of radiation at its maximum peak, are walking among us as we speak.
No problem. when such a carrier dies of some terrible unknown disease, you just cremate him, and he's out of the way, up in smoke as if he never existed.
Don't cremate a contaminated person,
A bad situation could worsen
Smoke could carry plutonium particles
To your testicles
And your ovaries
And you other precious articles.
No problem! we'll just destroy hussein's nuclear reactors, if we can find them. then we'll burn down the rainforsets, so the cattle can eat more contaminated feed, and pass them on to you: the super-toxins with hyper speed. the infected steer is the juicy steak we had for lunch. give me a break.
Burn the planet to the ground, watch it go, destruction bound, every day. let's all compound the same old runaround runaround runaround...
Sick planet.
Sick people.
Plagues, aids, tb, cancer.
You got any questions?
You got any answers?
Leave the victims where they're found,
Heap them in the same old mound.
They're infected,
We are sound.
Plagues, aids, tb, cancer...
The same old runaround runaround runaround...
So listen boys with your nuclear drama
And your star-wars scenario and cinerama:
You're beginning to give her a bad trauma
Who? your earthly mama.
This little blue planet, she' all we got
So listen while your mama
Says what what what what what what...


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