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SON OF MAN es una canción de Disney Songs.


'Son Of Man'

Oh, the power to be strong,
And the wisdom to be wise,
All these things will come to you in time.
On this journey that you’re making,
There’ll be answers that you’ll see,
And it’s you who climb the mountain
It’s you who’ll reach the peak.
Son of man look to the sky,
Lift your spirit, set it free,
Someday you’ll walk tall with pride,
Son of man, a man in time you’ll be.
Though there’s no one there to guide you,
No one to take your hand,
From the faith and understanding,
You will journey from boy to man.
In learning you will teach,
And in teaching you will learn,
You’ll find your place beside the ones you love,
Oh and all the things you dreamed of,
The visions that you saw,
Well the time is drawing near now,
It’s yours to claim and own.
Son of man, son of man for all the see

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