Danger Man

Bienvenido a bagdad (ingles) Letra

Danger Man


Bienvenido a bagdad (ingles) (Letra/Lyrics)

Hey rasta false double your face
you are forgetting that the coin has two face
here is your answer

this is done, will make a vietnam

Welcome to Baghdad
Batman does not use skirt
pa ay leather will not give back
and to be firm
if there is war good you shoot
but you must face escupite
I asked some gansters
they see me on the street and tell me
you spit your face and you depressing
you did not
but you met with me your
and make your anger the vomiting
I do not believe in Caine
are pure fuc*** weed
and you have this malamaña
I do not believe in that lasy
I believe in god listen fasy
and come as a nassy that:
nor a rosto Cueca I spoke well
much less a rasta man who is a big pu***
* eat eats cooked pork and you are so
oi que tu te hagachas and you give yourself
you catch the hair as a bitch
and you take all the shit
Tirado has long been my pulla
rasta man and I am ready

Welcome to Baghdad
this will make serious (you know ah)

Welcome to Baghdad
this is done, will make a vietnam

Welcome to Baghdad
I say fuc*** gansters
Cortal the moños to rasta
and put on the auction
and buy the coffin with silver
I am going to bury the rat
and that nobody goal
that is not saved from this
I already have my list tanqueta
and I Metra
with bursts of fuc*** letter
that scaredem crew to be respected
I do not want to hear anything
welcome to my navy
I will put you to dance lampada
you're a clown
that my winged has always been a satin
you look no Cachaza a goal that:
nor a rasta in doing so jamaica
rasta manes not criticize you pass ati
* Chucho who you are tenth to my pa
I have to sing or what I have to say
those who agree to tell me is
invacion brought the violence to the country
many weapons were watered by ahi
I do not acknowledgements much less criticize me to my

Welcome to Baghdad
when I go to holiday?, 18 years Guerrier

Welcome to Baghdad
you know as crew moves scaredem

Welcome to Baghdad
always impose respect, in the ghetto

Pass the Metro, Metro
the Metra, the Metra
Di Blasio
passes the Metro, Metro
Metro, Metro.

Welcome to Baghdad
You know mutherfucker
Welcome to Baghdad
Let him step to, the moñita

Welcome to Baghdad
Disque rasta and plants poking you to war, rasta untrue.

Welcome to Baghdad
Do not be fixed in my, in you fijate

Welcome to Baghdad
Mr. Fox Ta more PEGA your q

Welcome to war
Mutha fuc*** you know!
Hear what he says the real, real, real, real Bad Boy
Representing the Ghetto
Always imposing respect

You are again on track
I will not remove you're a good artist
But you're stupid
Never debistes f*** with a war veteran
More than 20 thousand stars, you know?
I want to send greetings to all veterans of wars, Respect!
Rene renegades, Aldo Frogs, Jam & Suppose, Cachaco, Toky
All manes, you know all manes
Tony Bull, Nando Boom, Chicho Man who are in church
All real, real veterans
Renato, all real real veterans
These few of the new wave of kids
Tirado pulla want to be veterans and do not want respect

Manes who believed in their hands, as you know ah?
Because everyone knows that you thought of me
And you in school uniforms and Ibas to see me sing my
And now I am throwing these pulla my
What did the same with Rene, did the same thing with Japa
That kind of Rasta man you are?
You have to be more serious in the business
Rastamanes not behave as you behave well
Rastamanes live their lives and do not live the life of others
Or you're a what?
Where were you when I sang in the Elegance?
When I threw tin and had to earn my respect humbly
Where you were, ah?
You know that the public Columbus, the public is demanding more
And I won my respect humbly in Town
So do not try to confuse people
Where were you when I sang in ecstasy?
Where were you?
Your eras a chiquillo you were in school
Where were you when I sang at the club Intel?
That was coming from the capital flaquita and went well beyond pa
to sing at the club Intel
Where were you? Where were you?
Clown of Life
You were mad at school
You were writing with crayons crazy
Your thought in my crazy
Your Ibas to my show's uniformed to see me with my crazy
I want to send a salute Ness and all the One Love
Your TAS out of order
Rastamanes not get into this, mutherfucker You know!
This will be a serious war, be prepared
That I will stop to your career
You know as moves scaredem crew?
You know we have Rule
Yoho shotin pa entire banda
You know who and what they and
The West Side, Bambu, the whole Ton
You know which and where is it? You know Mutherfucker
Ah and hurry and respondeme
That is my rant of pods serious pa 'ti ahi
I know I PEGA toy and you want to pegarte ribs mias
That you going to be expensive
Because after that I answer your people will
to want a man to man
And I will end your career, clown
You know Mutherfucker

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