Here Comes The Kraken

I Should Have Asked Where The Remote

Here Comes The Kraken


Wont do this again
Now you realize that
That you killed it
Regret... Not to do it
You will see i can do better
And feel the pain
I'll laugh again
Cause you betrayer are going down
In the end you are going down
I lost my pacience
I found my chainsaw
No fate, i need to let you behind
Break in your place
What you know?
I know i gonna f*** you
I didnt mean it
Lets bring it!
Fell... You look good without your arms
Useless trying to run
Your feet was separated
Its time to know how you are inside
Now look what you did
F*** i got to clean this mess
This guts are so greassy, ribs teeth, feet
Every where like a puzzle
I painted this room red
Good bye whore

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