God Module

Letra de la canción

What if I let you go
out in the world all on your own?
would you ever be able to forgive me?
we both know that you'll never forget me.

My hands burning your skin
crying out no so I'll do it again
my lust my slave
you're the best gift death ever gave to me
I am everything that you will ever need.

There is not getting away from me

My reluctant love
I know waht you're thinking of
in a lucid state you sleep
pray to me your soul to keep
now I will say goodnight
and make sure your restraints are tight
as you're off to dream
of perversion and blasphemy

Let's gretend I let you leave
this pornographic prison of make believe
no threats to make you behave
no bars left on your cage
Would you really run away from me
after all the things I forced you to see?
or would you stayhere by my side
and be my distraction
from what they call real life?
I hold hell here in my hands tonight

There is no reason to fight me

Letra añadida por: CyberDhampyr

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