Guerilla Maab

Letra de la canción

[Intro: Buddha Monk]
It's crazy, I'm just try'nna live my life
It won't let me... check it out

[Buddha Monk]
I was, born in the streets, where most thugs come from
Born in the streets, where every nigga got a gun
Born in the streets, where beef will get you leaking
Born in the streets, where police'll beat you frequent
Or go to get that, ya'll cats, ya'll still need that
Pull out the heat and make sure, your body eat that
Low profile, watch it, where you be at
So me and my mans, can poly, nigga, come and see that
See what you lack to move quiet, but ya bitch is on ya back
Telling how much you make, nigga, and where you keep it at
You think you need that, when the g's ain't trynna see that
Now you're sitting there, wondering where you bleeding at
But no need for that, for you making your soul see that
Six feet under the ground is where you sleep at
Rest now, only the image of you looks over the ground
While your kids is with a bastard who don't care now
Rest in peace...

[Chorus: Buddha Monk]
This world is nothing but sorrow and pain
I'm just try'nna get by the day
Can I live my life? I just wanna live my life, and
No matter how hard I try to refrain
For putting a slug in someone's brain
Can I live my life? Why can't I just wanna live my life? Oh no...

[Buddha Monk]
It ain't my fault I turned out to be a bastard
But as them bullets got close, I had to learn to bust a ratchet
I wasn't even, looking for the war
But Sally hit me off, on how they wanted to score
Had clips galore, vest up, grab henny from the store
Call my man, Kenny, nigga and told him to meet me at four
With discreet when I walk, causing all beef when as we walk
Cuz if I did that, man, that's more heat that we brought
So we, peace with our walk, low key with our talk
Gave out bags of weed, to throw them nosy niggaz off
Now that we did that, it's green light where we live at
Let them punks bring the beef, nigga I'm ready to clap
Send 'em back to the essence, where their man rest at
Or while I'm doing that, make sure that we don't get clapped
When the smoke clears, is there any one there?
I don't care, for all I know is I'm still here
Never worry about staring at the death of my peers
Cuz I know they wishing it was my death, instead of theirs
That's why they laying there, scared, hoping death they don't hear
But their heart is beating fast, tell 'em now beware
Slug punch the left lung, body now numb
Now it's back to the light of dirt, where you came from
Look dunn, this beef here, we didn't even want, son
But we gonna deal with the shit, nigga, however it comes, believe that

[Chorus x2]

Letra añadida por: Hector(Hip Hop) (#460)

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