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Chorus: betta get on, betta go home, out of my face and out of my life. never will i see or here from you again, you betrayed me, you're not my friend. betta get on, betta go home, out of my face and out of my life. never will i see or hear from you again, you lied to me, you're not my friend.
(someone): this is before the drama.
verse: you were at my house until a quarter pass three. but then you had to go you were busy. you had gotten a pass to a brand new club. i wanted to go cause parties are what i love. i didn't get passes couldn't go anyway. i told you to go, it was okay. the club was closed about an hour ago. wandered where you were so i had to go. you said you'd be at my house at ten till seven. and here it is five till eleven. maybe you got lost or something like that. or you forgot the time, got off track. who would have thought that when i thought that you forgot it was the wrong thought? you……
(someone): now this is where the drama happened.
verse: you know you were wrong when i saw you downtown, it looked like you were just hanging around. but the closer i got to you, the better i saw the truth. you were my friend, we were like this. but when you tried to get my man that was it. he loves me and i love him back. i knew that more when he said that was that. he said "you know i have a girl, she means the world." you said "forget about her, i could be your girl." i couldn't believe my ears, this is what i feared. you were my friend, but you made this the end. so you............
(someone): after the drama.
verse: girl don't try and explain, i saw the whole thing. you turned your back on our friendship to try and start a relationship. with the one who happens to be seeing me. i still can't bring myself to believe that this is happening to me. you were my friend but then you wanted to deceive me. i don't wanna talk to you anymore. so turn around i don't wanna see you anymore! you…
Chorus until fade


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