Salsoul Orchestra

Letra de la canción

Yes I'm gonna mess around
Cause that's the way I want to be
Gonna try to get it down
Before I let it get to me
Don't want your love
Don't need it
That's the way I see it

* Oh runaway
You better not hesitate
Better hurry don't wait now
Before you find it's too late
Cause you know how love slows you down

And if I should change my mind
If I should want to turn around
You know it won't be hard to find
Find another loving clown
It's best to think what of it
The change you will love it

* Repeat

No I'll never settle down
Cause I'm just not the settling kind
I got places all over town
I knew just what is on my mind
Just look for those who want it
I should know I've done it

* Repeat (x2)
You better run
You better run run run away
Better hurry don't wait
You better run
You better run little girl
Come on ...

Letra añadida por: shemkasai (#504)

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