Guilty of Innocence del álbum 'Frolic Through The Park'

Guilty of Innocence LETRA

Death Angel

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'Guilty of Innocence' se estrenó en 1988. Este tema está incluido dentro del disco Frolic Through The Park

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[R. Cavestany]

No choice
I had to do it
Or else it was my ass on the floor
I had to even up the score
So I shot down the bloody

Now I have to face my destiny
No hope for me in a biased society

Sinner - I'm innocent
Repent - So sorry
Die - No please

Guilty of innocence
My only crime was being at the scene
All fingers point at me
Things aren't as they seem


Here I sit and wonder why
You constantly must classify
The way I think
The way I look
But I don't really give a
'Cause you don't mean a thing to me
And this is what I fail to see

Now I have to go to jail
'Cause I can't afford the bail
Judge and jury sure they were fair
Laughing as they cut my hair


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