Maybe Letra

Maybe far away ,or maybe
real near by he may
be borrin her coffe she
may be straiting his ty

so maybe in a house
or hidden by a
hill she is sitting
playing piano he sitting
playing a bill.....


better if ther are young
better if they smart
bet they colect things
like astrois and
art, better if they are good
why should t they be
their one misteik
was giving up me

so maybe now in
time ,and
maybe when i wake
there be
they colling me baybe

better if he reads
better if she sols maybe
she made me a closet of
clothe, mybe they are
strict as scrict
as a line dont
really care as long
as they are mine

so maybe now this prays
the last one of its kine
wont you please come and get your baybe

Datos de esta canción

MAYBE es una canción de Annie. Agradecemos a clahill por haber sudido la letra de Maybe.